Hozu Valley

Woodland KyotoAn area rich in the forest's bounty where you can find unspoilt Japanese landscapes.

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In Woodland Kyoto, where unspoilt Japanese landscapes rich in color can be found, you'll find both beautiful natural scenes in every season and time to indulge yourself and relax. We will introduce to you the myriad charms of Woodland Kyoto, from the beautiful and dynamic Hozukyo Ravine to pastoral mountain settings and cuisine made from forest game.

From Kyoto Station to Sonobe Station Approx. 40 min
From Kyoto Station to Hiyoshi Station Approx. 50 min
From Kyoto Station to Saga-Arashiyama Station Approx. 15 min
From Kyoto Station to Kameoka Station Approx. 30 min

Access to Woodland Kyoto

Recommended sightseeing spots

Enjoy views of the magnificent Hozukyo Ravine from the Sagano Scenic Railway or on a ride down the Hozugawa River, or soak in the quaint atmosphere of rows of traditional kayabuki thatched roof houses in the mountains. Enjoy a variety of seasonal tastes, such as wild vegetables in the Spring, sweetfish in the summer, matsutake mushrooms in the fall, and venison and boar in the winter.

Must-See Sights

Cherry blossoms and Autumn leaves

Dining & Local Specialties



Day trip bathing

Main matsuri (festivals) and events

The Fukuchiyama Dokkoise Matsuri, where local residents perform a Fukuchiyama-style dance and shout “dokkoise,” is a fun summer festival that anyone can jump in and join. There's also the Yuki-toro in Kayabuki-no-Sato (Thatched roof village), where snowy landscapes are bathed in a soft light to create a beautiful, ethereal world.

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