Experience nature, food culture and matcha Culture cultivated by the fusion of traditional Kyoto setting and the natural beauty of the mountains and rivers

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The natural environment in Kyoto is rich in atmosphere and you can enjoy seeing fantastic scenery in each of the four seasons.
Kyoto's food culture and the culture of the tea ceremony were heavily influenced during their creation by the natural environment of the surrounding region. Kyoto has a different appeal in each season and you should definitely experience the beauty of nature in Kyoto as well as experience the food culture and way of tea which reflect the refined Japanese aesthetic of beauty.

Come in contact with nature

There are many spots in Kyoto where you can come into contact with the abundant nature and scenery of the region.
The variety of scenic experiences includes the Sea of Japan, cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, clear streams running through the mountains, the tea plantations of Uji, and more. Look out on scenes that have remained unchanged amid the grandeur of nature since ancient times.
The wide range of nature and scenery you can experience here is one of the attractions of Kyoto.

Enjoy the delicious food of the region

Kyoto has a highly developed food culture that is extremely rich in local specialties.
Not only are there vegetables and fish, but there is also brand-name meat such as Tamba Beef and Miyama Pork, wild game in the form of
wild boar and deer and other animals, edible wild plants, freshwater fish, and more.
Enjoy discovering the delights of this food culture shaped by the history and natural resources of the region.

Kyoto Cuisine

Kyoto cuisine is the foundation of Japanese cuisine.
It involves the art of producing food that appeals to all of the diners' five senses, recognizing the importance of seasoning, presentation and seasonality that leverage the delicate flavor of the materials, selection of the crockery and arrangement of the room. When eating in Kyoto you can feel the beauty and style that has been present in Japanese cuisine since ancient times.

Learn about and taste Matcha

Matcha has been deeply loved by Japanese people for hundreds of years. Here you can discover the many ways to enjoy matcha: watching the manufacturing process, making it for yourself, taking part in a tea ceremony and enjoying matcha sweets.
The traditions of tea have been alive in Kyoto since the Muromachi Period (1334-1500), so why not discover the attraction of tea for yourself?

There are many other spots where you can experience the living traditions of Kyoto

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