Gokurakuji Temple

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Situated in Kyoto Prefecture’s Ayabe City, Gokurakuji Temple was said to have been founded in 1479. It belongs to the Rinzai sect, one of the five Zen sects of China, the head of its branch being Tofukuji Temple. It is famous for the ancient “Oga” lotuses which bloom every summer. In 1952, its seed was found in the remains of prehistorical “Yayoi Era”(two thousand years ago) in Chiba Prefecture by the botanist Dr. Oga. The following year, the lotus seed sprouted and continued on to successfully bloom. It was therefore named the “Oga” lotus in memory of the late Dr. Oga. Gokurakuji Temple received several seeds from Chiba Prefecture and every year the lotuses bloom beautifully.

※ The inside of the temple is not open to visitors.

Basic information


Postal code:623-0361
Kamakuraden-34 Hasojicho, Ayabe, Kyoto


Number of regular vehicles: 10 vehicles (Charges: Free. However, during memorial services the parking lot may become crowded.)

Number of large vehicles: 2 vehicles(Charges: Free. However, during memorial services the parking lot may become crowded.)

Regular holidays/closings

open all-year-round


Train : Take the Aya bus Shinoda Sakuragaoka line from JR Ayabe station for about 30 minutes and get off at "Gokurakuji". Then walk for 2 minutes.

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Toilet facilities available

Contact information


※ Please contact the Ayabe City Tourist Center if you have any questions. ☎0773-42-9550