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Located in Fukuchiyama city, "Un.donpuri" is a famous cafe for puddings that look amazingly like Japanese cuisine. It has puddings in the form of 11 kinds of dishes: katsudon (fried pork cutlet on rice), ramen, seafood bowl, tororodon (grated yam rice bowl), mapo tofu (Sichuan-style bean curd with ground pork spicy taste), Japanese hot pot, beef bowl, loco moco, cold sweet red bean soup, wonton noodles, and Chinese style cold noodles (summer only), each sold for 600 yen including tax. They are not only delicious to taste, but also enjoyable to see. The idea started when the pastry chef created a pudding that looked like katsudon as a gift for a friend, which later became viral on SNS. In addition to the puddings, cakes and baked sweets such as cute donuts and cookies for takeout are lined up in the showcase window (there is also an eat-in space inside). The container of the pudding is made of polypropylene, which is microwavable and can be taken home to use for different purposes. The cafe is now a famous attraction in Fukuchiyama for sweets-lovers, and while the cafe opens at 11am, the 80 bowls of pudding on weekdays and 120 on weekends are often sold out early.

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Postal code:620-0875
2363-1 Hori, Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto


Number of regular vehicles: 10 car spaces(Charges: Free)

Time held/open

Take away:11:00~19:00, Eat in:12:00~18:00

Regular holidays/closings

Wednesdays *Closed the following day in case of a holiday (event day)


Train : 20 minutes walk from JR Fukuchiyama Station

Bus : Take a bus from JR Fukuchiyama Station, get off at Matsunawate bus stop and walk for 5 minutes

Car : On Kyoto Jukan Expressway, get off at the Fukuchiyama Interchange and take National Route 9 toward JR Fukuchiyama Station. Turn right at the intersection of Nishibori

Access to Kyoto by the Sea

Access to Kyoto in the Forests

Access to Kyoto Infused with Tea

Access to Kyoto Otokuni Bamboo Grove

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Toilet facilities available

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Un.donpuri Dessert Shop


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