Shiizaki Inari Shrine

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Shiizaki Inari Shrine is in Miyazu town, part of 'Kyoto by the Sea'. At Shiizaki Inari Shrine iconic red gates called 'torii' line up along the face of the mountain to create a walkway that leads you to the Amanohashidate Sesshu-kan Observatory rest area. Amanohashidate is a famous sand bar and scenic spot in the north of Kyoto prefecture, and Sesshu is the name of an artist who once painted a scene of Amanohashidate. The view of Amanohashidate from this observatory is reminiscent of the view painted by Sesshu, which is how this observatory got it's name. From mid to late April, approximately 1000 azalea bushes are in full bloom and color the mountainside a bright pink. Together the view of Miyazu Bay over the colourful azaleas and scarlett red torii make a spectacular view.

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Postal code: 626-0065
Shishizaki, Miyazu City, Kyoto

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Adults: Free entry

Children: Free entry


Bus : From Miyazu station (on the Kyoto Tango railway line), take the bus for approximately 8 minutes and get off at 'Shishizaki' stop.

Car : Approximately 10 minutes after exiting the Miyazu Amanohashidate IC exit.

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Shiizaki Inari Shrine