Yoshiwara’s Mandoro

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  • 吉原の万灯籠1
  • 吉原の万灯籠1

Yoshiwara’s Mandoro is a special fire festival custom established in the Edo period. It is listed as one of Kyoto Prefecture’s Important Intangible Folk Cultural Properties.
Mandoro was originally established during 1716~1736 to rid jellyfish, for fish had become scarce, and pray for a good catch in the fishing season. It was also said to have been a prayer for safe sailing.
The people cut down bamboo, shape it into a huge 18m structure (the size changes with the bamboo that's available) bind and shape it with rope to look like a fish. Finally, they bring the structure into the water downstream of Isazu River, on the south side of Yamato Bridge, light it with holy fire from the Enryuji Temple and leverage it to an upstanding position. With the strength of all the helpers (about 20-30 boys and men) who are waist deep in the water, the bamboo structure is spun around and around at maximum speed. It is said that the more the Mandoro spins, the more likely the prayers will come true. Everyone chanting along to keep the fiery Mandoro upstanding and spinning is truly a majestic sight to behold.

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August 16th every year, 7:30p.m.~

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The south side of the Yamato Bridge which is downstream of the Isazu River.


Postal code: 624-0921
Higashiyoshihara, Maizuru, Kyoto


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Train : Get off at "Nishimaizuru" station of the JR Maizuru Line or Kyotango Railway Miyamai Line, then walk 25 minutes.

Car : 20 minutes from the Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway "Maizurunishi" interchange.

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For more information, contact the Maizuru Tourism Association ☎0773-75-8600