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Located in Ujitawara in Kyoto, Shojuin Temple was built around 800 years ago and belong to the Koyasan Shingonshu sect. According to the records, during the Sengoku and Edo period Shojuin Temple caught fire twice, and was rebuilt in 1596 by Monk Yuin.
The eleven-faced Kannon statue is shown to the public only once in 50 years, and is a designated local cultural property. And it is also the principal image. Apart from the Kannon statue, there is a sitting statue of Acala made by Kaikei, one of the representative Japanese sculptors of Buddha statues of Kamakura period, which is also an Important Cultural Property.

In the summer there are over 2000 wind chimes, and every year there is a Wind Chime Festival from 7/1~9/18. In the side hall there is a heart-shaped window, from which the pink cherry blossoms, the green grass of summer, the red autumn leaves and the snow-white winter can be seen.
The heart shape is a traditional pattern in Japan used for fortunes and blessings, thus this window is also named the "Window of Happiness" and has attracted many visitors. On the ceilings of the side hall there are 160 pictures of flowers and Japanese scenery, which creates a beautiful view to look up to. Shojuin Temple also offers bracelet-beading, sutra-writing, Buddha-sketching and yoga classes to experience (researvation needed).

Basic information

Venue name

Shojuin Temple


Postal code:610-0211
149 Kawakami, Okuyamada, Ujitawara-Cho, Tsuzuki-Gun, Kyoto


Number of regular vehicles: 60(Charges: free )

※Large vehicles need to use the Kaikan space close by. Please contact Shojuin Temple beforehand.

Time held/open

9:00~16:30(9:00~16:00 in the winter season from November to March)

Regular holidays/closings

12/26~1/4, 8/17 and the 3rd Sunday of April (may vary depending on other events)


Adults: Admission fee 500 yen (include tea and sweets)


Train : From Keihan Uji line get off at Uji Station, from JR Nara line get off at Uji Station, from Kintetsu Kyoto line get off at Shintanabe Station, and take Kyoto Keihan Bus direction Ichumae, Ryokuenzaka, Kogyodanchi. Get off at Ichumae, ①transfer to community bus, and get off at Okuyamada. From there, walk for 10 minutes. ②Or take taxi for 10 minutes from Ichumae bus stop.
Or take taxi for 30 minutes from Uji Station (Keihan and JR Nara) and Shintanabe Station (Kintetsu Kyoto).

Car : From Osaka, take Meishin Highway to Oyamazaki Junction, change to Keiji By-Pass, get off at Ujinishi Interchange and continue for 30 minutes. Or take Daini Keihan Road, get off at Hirakata Gakken Interchange and continue for 40 minutes.

※Community buses can only take 13 people at a time, and local residents have priority.
※During the Wind Chime Festival season (7/1~9/18), there will be shuttle buses from Keihan Uji Station and Ichumae Bus Stop to Shojuin Temple available every Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, holidays and everyday during Obon (8/13~8/15).
※Please check the bus schedules here:

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Access to Kyoto Otokuni Bamboo Grove

Equipment and service in facilities

Toilet facilities available

Foreign languages spoken

Foreign language explanations/displays: English

Foreign language guides/interpretation/audio guides: English

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Shojuin Temple


Shojuin Temple


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