Woodland Kyoto

Ayabe Rose Festival

Mid-October - Late November

This rose festival is held in spring and autumn every year at the Ayabe Rose Garden in Ayabe Gunze Square. 1,200 roses of 120 varieties will be in full bloom in each season. The rose garden was landscaped by volunteers, and the rose variety that forms the symbol of the garden, Anne's Rose, is planted around the World Federation mark in the center of the garden. On the tunnel at the entrance, cocktail roses bloom on vines to welcome visitors. Here, you can enjoy a moment of elegance, surrounded by the scent of roses.

Ayabe Gunze Square Rose Garden
Ayabe Gunze Square 1-2 Kamenashi, Aono-cho, Ayabe City, Kyoto Prefecture
15 minutes walk from Ayabe Station on the JR Sanin Line
Date & Time
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Ayabe Local Specialties Hall