【Participants Wanted】Techniques and Traditions of the handmade paper-making village

Learn and experience Kyoto’s Kurotani Washi, from making materials to creating washi by hand from a washi artisan.

In this unique 5 days program, an artisan of Kurotani Washi, which has a history of 800 years, will thoroughly teach you from material making to the process of making washi. Spend time in a village known for handmade washi, surrounded by nature, and take your time to deepen your understanding of the craftsmanship of washi.

*Learn the essence of handcrafts that last for hundreds of years to come!

*Active craftspeople will carefully teach you the process from raw materials to washi paper.

* Elevating your creative potential while surrounded by Kyoto’s beautiful nature.

Recommended for:

*  Creatives and artists who want to learn more about craftsmanship.

*  Individuals keen on discovering Kyoto’s rich culture, history, and creativity.


Dates: July 29 (Monday) – August 2 (Friday) 2024

Location: Kurotani-cho, Ayabe City, Kyoto

Price:  525,000 JPY + tax(10%) 

Included: Washi making materials and lecture, English speaking guide, lunch, a charter bus(Kyoto station ⇆Kurotani)

Not included: Breakfast, dinner, accommodation, transportation between hotel to workshop

Size: 2 to 4 people  (Minimum 2 people to open, First-come, first-served)

French speaking guide is available with extra charge.

Special Programs:

Day 1   12:00-17:00 Meet at Kyoto Station, move to Kurodani / Orientation

Day 2 9:00-17:00  Prepare materials for papermaking: Cut Kozo brunch (paper mulberry) into small pieces, steaming, peel and clean the skin

Day 3 9:00-17:00 Prepare materials for papermaking: Boil Kozo, steam, beat, clean the material.

Day 4 13:00-17:00  Paper making with wooden mold

Day 5 9:00-16:00 Drying the paper, closing ceremony, move to Kyoto Station

Please contact us for more information.   Instagram:@kurotaniwashi

Special notice:

The Washi Craft Village atelier is available for extra stay (10,000 yen per day)


Available from a farmhouse, temple, guesthouse to hotel. Additional charge is required.

Ayabe City Tourism Association

Shorakuji Temple (temple stay)

Ichiju Issai no Yado Chabu Dining (farm stay)

ima-ya (farm stay)

nagomiyado Origin (farm stay)

Activity Around The Kurotani:

Ayabe City Tourism Association

Shower climbing experience

Buddhist statue sculpture experience

Cooking experience with traditional oven

Meditation experience in bamboo forest