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All copyrights for all contents appearing on this Website belong to the public interest incorporated association Kyoto Tourism Federation ("Federation" below) or associates. Any unauthorized secondary usage, for profit or otherwise, of copyrighted work appearing on this website, including reproduction, reprinting, loaning, distribution, and sale of content is strictly prohibited.


  1. Linking to this Website is basically allowed. However, we may decide not to allow linking for cases in which the link originates from a source that has purposes not aligned with the spirit of this Website or when there is a danger of infringing upon the reputation of the Federation.
  2. When linking to this Website, please link directly to the top page only (http://www.kyototourism.org/en/index.html).


  1. The information supplied by this Website is current as of the time when it is first uploaded. The Federation does take the utmost care regarding the posting of information, but does not legally guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of information.
  2. The contents and address of this Website are subject to change or deletion without prior notice.
  3. The Federation is not liable whatsoever regarding any direct or indirect damages or trouble suffered by a user due to the usage of information on this Website.

Privacy Policy

The Federation maintains and performs the following rules regarding information that can identify a specific individual such as personal names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers ("Private Information" below).

1. Usage of Private Information

In addition to ensuring safety in collecting, using, and storing Private Information, the Foundation also uses Private Information to respond to user requests and enquiries.

2. Storage of Private Information

Regarding information that can identify a specific individual from among the information that the Federation collects from users, the Federation will not supply or disclose that information to a third party without consent from the user to whom the information belongs unless a provision specifically specifying otherwise exists in private information protection ordinances.

3. Collecting user information

When collecting Private Information through this Website, the Federation shall only accept information (completed registration forms) directly and voluntarily from users upon clearly specifying the purpose for collecting the information and clearly specifying that the Federation is conducting the information gathering within the scope necessary to achieve that purpose.

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