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All copyrights for all contents appearing on this Website belong to the public interest incorporated association Kyoto Tourism Federation ("Federation" below) or associates. Any unauthorized secondary usage, for profit or otherwise, of copyrighted work appearing on this website, including reproduction, reprinting, loaning, distribution, and sale of content is strictly prohibited.


  1. Linking to this Website is basically allowed. However, we may decide not to allow linking for cases in which the link originates from a source that has purposes not aligned with the spirit of this Website or when there is a danger of infringing upon the reputation of the Federation.
  2. When linking to this Website, please link directly to the top page only (http://www.kyototourism.org/en/index.html).


  1. The information supplied by this Website is current as of the time when it is first uploaded. The Federation does take the utmost care regarding the posting of information, but does not legally guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of information.
  2. The contents and address of this Website are subject to change or deletion without prior notice.
  3. The Federation is not liable whatsoever regarding any direct or indirect damages or trouble suffered by a user due to the usage of information on this Website.

Privacy Policy

The Federation maintains and performs the following rules regarding information that can identify a specific individual such as personal names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers ("Private Information" below).

1. Usage of Private Information

In addition to ensuring safety in collecting, using, and storing Private Information, the Foundation also uses Private Information to respond to user requests and enquiries.

2. Storage of Private Information

Regarding information that can identify a specific individual from among the information that the Federation collects from users, the Federation will not supply or disclose that information to a third party without consent from the user to whom the information belongs unless a provision specifically specifying otherwise exists in private information protection ordinances.

3. Collecting user information

When collecting Private Information through this Website, the Federation shall only accept information (completed registration forms) directly and voluntarily from users upon clearly specifying the purpose for collecting the information and clearly specifying that the Federation is conducting the information gathering within the scope necessary to achieve that purpose.

4. About the usage of social media accounts

Kyoto Tourism Facebook Page Usage Agreement

Please agree to the following terms and conditions (henceforth referredto as “this agreement” set for the usage of Kyoto Tourism’s Facebook page(henceforth referred to as “this webpage”).


(1)Manager:Kyoto Tourism (henceforth referred to as “we”)

(2)Facebookpage name:Kyoto Tourism

(3)Facebookpage URL:https://www.facebook.com/kyototourism.en/

(4)Content:Posting seasonal tourism information and charm of each area in “Kyoto bythe Sea”, “Kyoto in the Forest”, “Kyoto Infused with Tea”and “Kyoto OtokuniBamboo Grove″.

(5)Time of postings : 8:30-17:15 on weekdays(except for holidays, weekends, New Year’s 12/29-1/3 and other days when we areoff. Postings may also occur outside these times.

(6)Period:Thispage may be closed or deleted anytime without prior notification.

2.Reply to postings and comments

(1)We do not reply to all postings and comments onthis webpage.

(2)Articles and comments will be posted after approval by our management staffs. We will not reveal the results of approval or the reasons for non-approval. Even after they are posted on this page, we may change or delete them without prior notice if our management staffs deem necessary.


3.Access to users’ personalinformation

Users registered as followersof this webpage(by clicking the “Like” button)agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement and allow us to access their personal information made public (user name, profile picture, gender, socialnetwork, user ID, list of friends etc.).



In order to implement good communication on the webpage, the following actions are prohibited. If users commit any of the following actions, we reserve the right to partially or fully delete the posting and to block the account without prior notification.

1.  Impersonation of us or someone else

2.  Revealing others’ personal information or infringing their privacy without their consent

3.  Actions that may cause disadvantage or damage to us or to others

4.  Actions that discriminate,defame or insult us (including our leaders and workers) or others

5.  Defamation of our products orservices, or that of others. Posting false information about these products or services

6.  Political, electorial,religious and other similar activities

7.  Posting or sending virus or other damaging computer programs

8.  Actions that infringe our copyright or other intellectual property rights, or that of others

9.  Posting or sending information that constitute a crime or that may lead to a crime

10.Actions in contrary to the law, the public order, or the morality

11.Actions that lead to the misunderstanding that we or others are connected or collaborating with someone,or that we or others recognize, promise, support or recommend someone’s website without evidence

12.Posting irrelevant links or other actions that may reduce the clarity of this webpage

13.Posting affiliate programs,advertisements or other promotions (or links that lead to such websites outside Facebook)

14.Posting contents that do not pertain to the themes of this webpage

15.Other actions deemed inappropriate



(1)We do not guarantee the correctness and the completeness of the information on this webpage.

(2)We are not responsible for thecontents (comments, photos, videos) posted by other users.

(3)We are not responsible for any damage due to the usage or the non-usage of this webpage.

(4)We are not responsible for any conflict between users related to this webpage.

(5)The copyright of each posting belongs to its author, but by posting on this webpage, the author allows our usage of its contents for free to share non-exclusively in the world (including its processing, excerption, copying, releasing, translation), and agrees torefrain from using their copyrights against us.

(6)We are not responsible for any other accounts under the same name.

(7)Even when there is impersonating messages in our official account, we may still not be responsible.

(8)This webpage operates underFacebook’s system and therefore cannot answer any questions pertaining toFacebook’s operating system. In addition, it is not replying to any questions relating to the functions, usage or technical issues of the Facebook website,the Facebook company, or any other software or application.


6.Treatment of personal information

When personal information is obtained, it will be treated based on our privacy policy: http://www.kyototourism.org/en/about-this-site/index.html

Changes of this agreement

We reserve the right to make changes to this agreement without priornotice.


Effective date

Thisagreement is effective as of January 1st 2019



Kyoto Tourism Instagram Usage Policy

1. Purpose

The goal of Kyoto Tourism’s (henceforth referred to as “our”) Instagram social media service (henceforth referred to as“this webpage”) is to upload photos and videos showing the beauty of each area in “Kyoto by the Sea”,“Kyoto in the Forest”,“Kyoto Infused with Tea”, “Kyoto Otokuni Bamboo Grove” to promote the image of “Discover your own Kyoto”.


2. Account Information

1)Account name: discover_your_own_kyoto

2)Webpage URL:https://www.instagram.com/discover_your_own_kyoto/?hl=ja


3.Method of Usage

1)The user may read and comment freely. We will respond to comments if necessary, but please note that not all comments will be responded to.

2)In principle, our workers will upload posts with irregular intervals. The time of posting will be Monday to Friday 8:30-17:15, with the exception of holidays and New Year’s.

3)Photos and videos can be selected by our workers and posted on this page if the user agrees to this policy as well as the “#Discoveryourkyoto Usage Agreement”. This includes photos and videos which are related to Kyoto’s four seasons, nature, history,cultural heritage, traditions, cuisine, workshops, experiences, events,festivals, museums, galleries, shopping and which may lead to the promotion of the image of “Discover your own Kyoto”.

4)In principle, we do not follow any other Instagram accounts except for those of organizations and local committees promoting the tourism of Kyoto.



Please refrain from posting the following contents.If the contents are deemed as one of the following, the comment or post may be partially or completely removed without prior notification, and may lead to the temporary closing of the webpage.

1) Contents that defame certain people, companies,countries, regions, or committees

2) Contents that may violate the human rights of others

3) Contents that contain false information or that impersonate us or others

4) Contents that advertise or promote sales with the goal of making profit

5) Contents that may infringe our intellectual propertyrights (copyrights, trademark rights, publicity rights) or that of others

6) Contents that are or may be against the law

7) Contents that reveal personal information and privacy without the person’s consent

8) Contents that are obscene and against public order and morals

9) Contents related to politics, election, religion and other similar activities

10)Contents that are against the “#Discoveryourkyoto Agreement”

11)Other contents deemed unsuitable or causing harm to others


5.Intellectual Property Rights

The intellectual property rights (copyrights andtrademark rights) of all postings (photos, videos, articles) on this webpage belongs to us and the original author. Except for personal usage and citation,the copy and pasting, forwarding of the contents on this webpage without permission are prohibited.



1)We pay great attention to details in our postings, but cannot guarantee its correctness, completeness and utility.

2)We are not responsible for any damage induced by users’ trust in the information posted on this website

3)We are not responsible for any damage induced by conflicts between users of this webpage

4)In addition, we are not responsible for any damage due to or related to the postings on this webpage

5)We may change this usage policy or close the webpage without prior notice

6)Instagram is operating under the system of Faebook. We do not reply to questions regarding Facebook’s operating systems, nor to questions regarding the functions, usage, technical problems of Instagram, Facebook or other applications


7.Personal Information

The information posted on this webpage is in accordance with laws protecting personal information and carefully dealt with to prevent its release. When personal information is collected, the purpose will be explained,and the information will only be used for the purpose indicated.


8. Date of Effectiveness

This policy is effective as of January 1st 2019





1F,West Annex

Shimodachiuri,Nishinotoin,Kamigyo-ku,Kyoto    602-8054,Japan

PHONE:075-41-9990 FAX:075-411-9993 E-MAIL:instagram@kyoto-kankou.or.jp




# discoveryourkyoto Usage Agreement

The #discoveryourkyoto is managed by Kyoto Tourism’s Instagram account“discover_your_own_kyoto” (henceforth referred to as “this account”), and will be used in accordance with the following 

1.  The author agrees and understands that photos and videos posted with “# discoveryourkyoto”can be reposted on our official social media website without compensation.In this case, further notices will not be issued.

2.  Please be aware that taking photos of others’products, or any image processing of others’ products may infringe their copyrights. Please post photos of others only with their consent. We are not responsible for any conflicts related to copyrights or publicity rights.

3.  Please refrain from posting the following contents.Photos or videos containing any of the following will not be accepted.

・Contents that are against public orders and morals

・Contents that contain sales, including the promotion or the posting of certain websites

・Contents that contain actions deemed to disrupt the management and reduce the trustworthiness of this account

・Contents that differ from the intended themes of this account

・Contents that may infringe the rights of certain trademark characters or celebrities

・Contents that defame certain people, companies or groups, or that infringe on their privacy

・Contents that infringe others’ copyrights or publicity rights

・Contents impersonating this account

・Other contents deemed inappropriate




1F,West Annex

Shimodachiuri,Nishinotoin,Kamigyo-ku,Kyoto    602-8054,Japan

PHONE:075-41-9990 FAX:075-411-9993 E-MAIL:instagram@kyoto-kankou.or.jp





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