Local Goods

Learn where to go to find those extra special local delicacies and other items that will make the perfect souvenirs for your trip. Let us introduce you to the best Kyoto has to offer.


Seafood, especially crabs and oysters, freshly caught in the Sea of Japan, are used lavishly in the local cuisine of Kyoto.


Tea has a long history in the Kyoto region. The techniques used to produce many famous types of tea were refined here before spreading across Japan.

Other Japanese Dishes

From the rich flavors of wild game and poultry, to a special curry made using powdered green tea, Kyoto is full of flavors that can only be experienced here.


From sake to wine, discover a variety of locally made Kyoto liquors.

Handmade Goods

The artisans of Kyoto produce incredible crafts. Learn about the rich silk embroidery of Nishijin textiles, or the traditions of chirimen crepe of Tango, to the north.