Kuwata  Shrine

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On the hill overlooking the Kameoka Basin, at the entrance of Hozukyo Gorge in Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture, two shrines are enshrined to face both sides of the gorge.
In the old days, this area was called Tamba, and was a large lake coloured with red soil. According to the legend, Okuninushi, the God of Izumo Taisha Shrine, cooperated with the eight local deities (Chigi) and opened up the narrow Ukida (Uketa) Gorge and reclaimed it into Kuwabata (Kuwata).
The land reclaimed is said to be the Kameoka Basin, with Uketa Shrine on the left bank and Kuwata Shrine on the right bank.
An entrance of Kuwata Shrine is on the east side of Torokko Kameoka Station across Unokawa River, and a Torii gate is built in front of the stairs. Going through the Torii gates and climbing up the stairs, there is a long path with gravel on the side, leading to the main shrine.
The view of Hozukyo Gorge and Torokko train over the autumn leaves is simply exceptional.

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Postal code:621-0825
50, 51, Yamamoto Kitajo, Shino-cho, Kameoka City


Number of regular vehicles: 3(Charges: Free)

Number of large vehicles: None


Adults: Free

Children: Free


Train : From JR Sagano Line, get off at Umahori Station and walk for 13 minutes, or take the Sagano Scenic Railway, get off at Torokko Kameoka Station and walk for 7 minutes

Car : Take Kyoto Jukan Expressway, get off at Shino Interchange and continue for 10 minutes

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