Nango Park

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Nango park is right in front of the South exit of the JR Kameoka station. Formerly an outer moat to prevent enemies invading the Tamba Kameya Castle, today the moat has been transformed and is now famous for the cherry blossom (sakura) trees planted along the Nango pond, and the boardwalk around the pond is perfect for strolling. Every year in early April, sakura festivals and sakura light-up events are held. In 2019, a bronze statue of Akechi Mistuhide (a famous samurai and general alive between 1528 – 1582, who built Kameya castle and laid the foundations for Kameoka city) was built inside the park, along with a Kameya castle replica ‘Shachihoko’ (an emblematic carp bodied, tiger headed statue commonly built on top of castle rooves).

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Postal code:621-0851
Kose-cho, Kameoka City, Kyoto


Please use the private paid parking around the JR Kameoka station


Train : Approximately 5 minutes on foot from the JR Kameoka station (Sagano Line).

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Nango Park


Contact: JR Kameoka Tourist Information Centre ☎0771-22-0691


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