Nanatani River (Yawaragi Road)

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Lining both banks of the Nanatani River is approximately 1500 blooming Somei-yoshino cherry blossom (sakura) trees, extending for about 1km and which regularly attract visitors. Adjacent to the river, in Sakura Koen Park there are approximately 28 varieties and 280 sakura trees, where the annual ‘Sakura Festival’ and light up event is held.
Close by, approximately 25 minutes on foot, is the highest ranking Shinto Shrine of the Tamba region ‘Izumo Dai-jingu Shrine’, which has recently become popular for being a powerful spiritual location. Why not visit the sakura of Nanatani River and the Izumo Dai-jingu Shrine together for an ideal experience.

Basic information


Postal code:621-0003
Kokubu, Chitose-cho, Kameoka City


Number of regular vehicles: (Charges: 500yen)

・During sakura season only (weekdays: 9am - 10pm, Saturdays: 10am - 10pm)
・Contact: Kameoka sakura festival committee on 0771-25-5071 (Kameoka City Hall Urban Development Division)
・Times may change depending on the weather and amount of visitors.
・Information as of March 2020


Bus : From the JR ‘Kameoka’ station (Sagano line), take the Kameoka city bus for approximately 15 minutes and get off at the ‘Nanatanigawa’ bus stop.

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Contact information


Contact: JR Kameoka Station Information Centre ☎ 0771-22-0691   


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