Sodeshi Rice Terraces

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Sodeshi village of Tango-cho in Kyotango city, is located on the northernmost peninsula in the Kinki area. It is famous for rice terraces that stretch out between the steep mountainside and the ocean. The land was originally a flat and shallow seabed that was raised by an earthquake, and gradually shaped through erosion by the waves, creating approximately 400 rice terraces.
From these rice terraces you can see the Sea of Japan. The harmony between this village and the sea has created a beautiful scenery. Certified as 'One of the best 100 rice terraces in Japan'. At the beginning of May the rice sprouts are planted and the terraces are filled with water. Then, at the beginning of September, the rice is harvested. Both make for beautiful scenes to enjoy.

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Ideal season

The begining of May is when rice planting finishes, and harvest is in September. *Note, because these rice terraces are in use, be careful not to get in the way of traffic.  


Postal code:627-0245
Sodeshi Tango-cho Kyotango-shi


* Note, parking is free and near the 178 road about 10 minutes away on foot


Bus : From the Kyoto Tango Railway Miyatoyo Line get off at Amino station, and take the Tango Mineyama Line bus (bound for Kyogamisaki) for 60mins and get off at Sodeshi.

Car : From Sanin Kinki Expressway Nodagawa Omiya Road, get off at "Kyotango Omiya" Interchange, head straight and turn right onto National Highway 312, turn right onto National Highway 482, turn right onto National Highway 178, continue until you reach Sodeshi.

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