Ungen-ji Temple

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Situated in Ayabe city of Kyoto prefecture, Ungen-ji Temple is thought to be built in the Muromachi era (1336~1573) by the abbot of Ankoku-ji Temple.
At the top of the stone steps to the entrance stands a beautiful weeping cherry blossom tree. Thought to be over 100 years old, it was selected as one of the 100 famous trees of Ayabe city.
The cherry blossom tree is said to have been taken from a branch at Ankoku-ji Temple (a larger nearby temple with a 600-year-old cherry blossom tree), a temple related to Ashikaga Takauji (the first shogun of the Muromachi era). Continuing up the stone steps past the Kannon hall, the view of the magnificent weeping cherry blossom and the mountains in the distance is stunning.

Basic information


Postal code:623-0103
49Nakamachi Umezako-cho, Ayabe, Kyoto


Number of regular vehicles: 10 cars(Charges: Free)

Number of large vehicles: Not available

Time held/open

Always open

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Adults: Free

Children: Free


Train : ・ Get off at the JR Maizuru line Umezako station and walk for 7 minutes.
・10 minutes drive from the JR Sanin line, Ayabe station.

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※Please contact the Ayabe City Tourism Association if you have any questions (☎0773-42-9550)