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Located in Kameoka City, Anao-ji Temple is the 21st temple in the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage. Belonging to the Tendai sect of Buddhism, the temple's main shrine, bell tower, and Taho Tower are designated as an Important Cultural Property of Kyoto. In the main shrine lies the main statue, the Yakushi Nyorai, and the Guanyin Bodhisattva, protector of mothers giving birth. Another statue of the main shrine is the Shaka-Nehan-Zo, the sleeping Buddha statue. The convention is to pull back the Futon and rub first the statue then yourself on the spot of illness, and it will be cured. The believers donate Futons to the temple, wishing the Shaka-Nehan-Zo to be more comfortable while lying down.
What's more, there is the statue of Zusiomaru-Hadamamori-Gohonzon, a statue not 5 centimeters tall, which comes from the legend of princess Anju-hime and Zusiomaru. It also made an appearance in the famous writer Mori Ougai's novel Sansho Dayu.
There is also a beautiful garden, the Enou-in garden, in which you can see the Taho Tower positioned against the scenic backdrop. Sunsets are said to be especially beautiful in the temple's garden.

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Postal code:621-0029
46 Higashinotsuji, Anao, Sogabe-cho Kameoka City, Kyoto


Number of regular vehicles: 50 cars (Charges: 500yen)

Number of large vehicles: 10 buses(Charges: 2000 yen)

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Other: Entrance to the temple is free, while entering the main shrine and garden is 500 yen. (groups are 400 yen)


Bus : Take the Keihan Kyoto Bus (number 60) from 'Kameoka Station' (JR West Japan Sanin Main Line). Get off at 'Anao-guchi' and walk 600 meters. Or take the Keihan Kyoto Bus (number 59 or 34) from 'Kameoka Station', get off at 'Anao-ji mae' and walk for 100 meters.

Car : 7 minutes (2.3 km) from Kameoka interchange.

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Anao-ji Temple


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