Kyoto Manners

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Learn local and Japanese manners to make your visit more enjoyable. In addition to your basic manners, be aware that there are also sometimes reminders in place regarding special manners at shrines and temples and the like.

Areas where outdoor shoes are not permittedBe aware that there are many areas where outdoor shoes are not permitted, such as places with tatami.

No tippingTipping is not a custom in Japan. A simple "thanks" will let them know you were satisfied with the service.

Room rates at lodgingsRoom rates at hotels, inns, and other lodgings are basically by the person, and not by the room. Therefore, any room rates given are usually the cost per person.

No litteringThrow trash away in designated areas. Do not litter on the streets.

Queuing upAlways queue when waiting to get on buses and trains, when waiting to get into a store, etc.

Observe good smoking mannersOnly smoke in designated areas. Never smoke while walking, as it can be dangerous.

Keep toilets cleanFlush any used toilet paper together after using the toilet. Keep the toilet clean for the next person to use.

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