Tautasya grow all the rice and vegetables served at their cafe and lodging. The staff also hunt deer ...

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Woodland Kyoto

Miyama Heimat Youth Hostel

This lodging is an economically friendly place to stay and a quaint simple youth hostel. Surrounded ...

Woodland Kyoto

B&B Hanabusa Farmhouse

This B and B is run by a couple and overlooks several lovely thatched houses, one of which is an art ...

Woodland Kyoto

Shunki An – Traditional Thatched House Inn & Cafe

It's a large renovated thatched roof kominka Sit around the big size irori sanken hearth and relax ...

Unique Stays
Woodland Kyoto

B&B Harimaya

Nestled in the upper reaches of Miyamas valleys this is the perfect place to get away from the hustl ...

Guesthouses Private baths/showers
Woodland Kyoto

 Miyama Nature & Culture Village Kajikaso Inn – New Annex

Kajikaso Inn is located near the clear-flowing waters of Yuragawa river. Its main building is featu ...

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Woodland Kyoto

B&B Hisaya

This is a bed and breakfast located in the heart of Miyama’s thatched village or Kayabuki no Sato. S ...

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Woodland Kyoto

Ryokan Kigusuriya

This traditional Japanese inn has a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, large spacious private rooms and ...

Traditional inns (ryokan) Credit Card Payment Available Onsen/Public bath Private baths/showers
Woodland Kyoto

Farmhouse Inn Kurian

This farmhouse inn is conveniently located at 10 min drive distance from the Thatched Village, well ...

Traditional inns (ryokan) Unique Stays Family Friendly Shuttle
Woodland Kyoto

Kominka Inn THYME

Luxury cottage that is renovated traditional house in the rural quiet hamlet, set against backdrop o ...

Unique Stays Credit Card Payment Available Family Friendly
Woodland Kyoto

Yamazato Ryori Ryokan Isobe

This Japanese style inn is located right in the heart of Miyama. The main building, the thatched hou ...

Traditional inns (ryokan) Onsen/Public bath
Woodland Kyoto

Maizuru Fururu Farm

Furufuru Farm is located away from Maizuru's city center, surrounded by mountains and the sea. Mult ...

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Kyoto by the Sea