Kiyomizu-dera Temple

Kyoto CityThe ancient capital, where history and tradition are frozen in time.

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Kyoto, the ancient capital, with a thousand years of history and tradition. Includes information on tourist spots and matsuri (festivals) that are both perennial favorites and off the beaten path, and a myriad other Kyoto City attractions.

From Kansai International Airport to Kyoto Station Approx. 1 hr 20 min
From Osaka Station to Kyoto Station Approx. 30 min

Access to each area from Kyoto City

Recommended sightseeing spots

Kyoto City is always ranked amongst the top in global tourism rankings. We'll introduce some world famous tourist spots in Kyoto City, everything from Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Arashiyama, and other perennial favorites to famous cherry blossom and autumn foliage spots and places where you can make Japanese confectionery and Nishijin textiles.

Must-See Sights

Cherry blossoms and Autumn leaves

Dining & Local Specialties


Main matsuri (festivals) and events

There are various festivals held in Kyoto throughout the year besides the Big Three: Aoi Matsuri, Gion Matsuri, and Jidai Matsuri. Kyo no Tanabata, where light and bamboo come together to create a waterfront scene, and Arashiyama Hana-toro, which lights up the Saga Arashiyama area in winter, create ethereal scenes.