Hozu-gawa River Boat Ride


Spots where you can experience abundant culture and nature in every form

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There are many spots in Kyoto where you can enjoy sightseeing, recreation, and creative activities. You can enjoy hands-on experiences creating the special dishes unique to Kyoto, dive into the world of traditional arts and crafts, or just enjoy seasonal fruit picking. We will introduce you to spots where you can experience the history, culture and nature of Kyoto.

Enjoy discovering the food of Kyoto

Why not try making Japanese sweets, chikuwa and kamaboko fish pastes and other local specialties.Check out the boat houses that line the waterfront, or even try living in them, visit a green tea plantation and see how green tea is made at the same time as enjoying the taste of high quality green tea in luscious green surroundings, or enjoy seasonal fruit picking

The Kyoto experience is full of enjoyable things to do

Discover the distinctive traditional crafts of Kyoto. Try creating your own original craftwork, or relax and enjoy the experience of meditation. There are so many things to experience and so many ways to discover the unique appeal of Kyoto. For example factory tours and valuable singing sand experience.

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