Kototaki Falls/Gyokuun-ji Temple

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In the year 1416, the monk Taiyou Bonsei accepted the order of Shuchi Dewanokami to construct a great Temple for the Soto School (Buddhist sect) in Tamba town, called Gyokunnji, which was originally thought to stand next to the basin of the Kototaki Falls.
However in 1579, Akechi Mistuhide's Ichimori castle attacked the temple, in which most of the buildings and treasures were burnt down.
The grounds, main hall and the preist's living quaters that stand today, were then rebuilt by Akechi Mistuhide in 1580, who respected the monk Taiyou Bonsei.
On the grounds, the main hall, preist's living quarters, founder's hall, hall devoted to Kannon, and shu-do (public hall) stand aligned, and the gardens of the main hall and preist's quarters have a solemn, dignified, Zen Temple-like atmosphere.
Between the main hall and outbuilding there is also a Japanese rock garden that showcases Satsuki azaleas, a beautiful sight in the Spring.
Also within the grounds are flowers to enjoy all four seasons, such as azaleas, hydrangeas, Japanese chrysanthemum, and camellias. Then from within the hall buildings, the Autumn foliage and the mountain shrine ambience create a sense of harmony, popular for sight seeing. Near Gyokuunji, about 500m away on foot, there is the beautiful Koto Waterfall, where the water streams down a single 40m tall rock. Koto is a traditional Japanese string instrument, and the falling water takes the appearance of 13 strings, hence the name Koto Waterfall.

Basic information


Postal code: 622-0212
9 Takimi, Ichimori, Kyotamba-cho, Funai-gun (Gyokuun-ji)


Number of regular vehicles: 10 spaces*(Charges: Free)

Number of large vehicles: None

*Note: There are about 10 car spaces next to the stone steps.

Time held/open

Always open

Regular holidays/closings



Adults: Free

Children: Free


Bus : From the JR Sagano Line Sonobe Station, take the JR Bus(Enpuku line), and get off at Kototaki-michi, 10 minutes on foot

Car : Turn right at Tamba Interchange exit on the Kyoto Jukan Expressway, towards Fukuchiyama. At the first traffic light turn right, drive another 5 minutes.

※Large buses are not allowed to enter

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