Sightseeing Spots

There's more to the allure of Kyoto than just its historical treasures. You can also enjoy its diverse and stunning scenery: exquisite valleys whose appearance changes with each of the four seasons, lush green hillsides, beautiful seascapes, vibrant green tea fields, and traditional rural townscapes. Discover all of Kyoto's spectacular scenery that should be seen at least once in your life.
Kyoto Prefecture is divided into five areas, in each of which you can get to know a side of Kyoto that you never knew existed. You'll find Kyoto by the Sea facing the Sea of Japan; Woodland Kyoto, where you'll still find unspoilt Japanese landscapes; Kyoto Tea Country, with its beautiful rolling tea fields; Kyoto Otokuni Bamboo Grove, which has many historical and cultural heritage sites; and cosmopolitan Kyoto City.