Horyuji Tokoin Temple

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Horyuji Tokoin Temple, situated in Kyoto Prefecture’s Ayabe City, was built in 673 by Rishusennin. A temple of the Koyasan Shingonshu branch, Tokoin worships the Yakushi Nyorai (Bhaisajyaguru), which is the buddha of healing and medicine. In flourishing times, it even had Shichidō garan (the seven halls composing the ideal Buddhist temple compound). However, after big fires and disasters, the temple has seen its ups and downs.
Every year, in time with the peach season, the temple holds the Hina Festival, otherwise known as the Doll’s Festival or the Daughters’ Festival. 12 giant doll stands decorated with 500 Hina dolls, the same as those used in the Meiji era, can be seen.
Moreover, in early June, 2500 hydrangeas bloom, painting the grounds. At the same time, the temple holds a Furin (wind chime) Festival, decorating the square before the main shrine with 750 wind chimes that makes soothing music in the wind.
A matchmaker monk by the name of Chisokuin Mukaku, who introduced the famous Sakamoto Ryoma to his wife, was a believer of the temple. His writing was carved in stone at the temple, and has now become a spot for believers to pray for good matchmaking.

Basic information


Postal code:623-0043
Donooku-7 Uwanobucho, Ayabe, Kyoto


Number of regular vehicles: 25 vehicles(Charges: free)

Time held/open

always ※During festivals 9:00~16:30 ・Hina-Matsuri festival : early February ~ early March ・Ajisai (hydrangea) and Furin (wind chime) Matsuri festival : early June ~ early July ・Furin Matsuri festival (wind chimes and pinwheels) :late July ~late September

Regular holidays/closings

none (from 2020, closed on mondays and 8/14~16)


Adults: free

Children: free

Other: ※During festivals high school and above is 300 yen per person ・Hina-Matsuri festival : early February ~ early March ・Ajisai (hydrangea) and Furin (wind chime) Matsuri festival : early June ~ early July ・ Furin Matsuri festival (wind chimes and pinwheels) : late July ~late September


Train : From JR Sanin Line Ayabe Station take the Aya bus and get off at Uwanobucho Hattan stop, then walk for 15 minutes.

Car : From Ayabe Station, take the Prefectural route 8 in the direction of Fukuchiyama, turn left at the Torigatsubo intersection, then go on for 1.5 km.

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Toilet facilities available|Free Wi-Fi

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Foreign language guides/interpretation/audio guides: English

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Horyuji Tokoin Temple


Horyuji Tokoin Temple


※For more information, please contact Horyuji Tokoin Temple or the Ayabe Tourism Association ☎ 0773-42-9550.