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  • Dining Exterior
  • Rock open-air bath
  • Tatami floored public bath
  • Satoyama dining 'Daichi'
  • Satoyama lunch buffet (image only)
  • Ishigama dining 'Hanari'
  • Hannari lunch (image only)
  • Woodland garden foot bath

Legend has it that long ago in the Sengoku period (period of warring states, from 1467 – 1615), samurai warriors would come to the Yunohana hot springs, or ‘Kyo no Okuzashiki’ region (meaning an annex-like getaway location closeby to the city of Kyoto) to heal their wounds. Keburikawa is located deep within the Yunohana Onsen region, where you can also visit as a day trip and experience the tatami-floored overflowing natural hot spring and open-air baths. For the day-use bathing plans, if you wish you can include a meal and access to a room to relax in, or, choose to include a lunch buffet with a variety of about 60 different dishes (the option for day-use bathing without the extras is also available). Within the Keburikawa grounds there is also a complimentary woodland garden foot bath, perfect for enjoying a luxiouriously slow-paced lifestyle experience.

Basic information


Postal code:621-0251
1-1 Dorogafuchi, Hiramatsu, Honme-cho, Kameoka City, Kyoto


Number of regular vehicles: 100 car spaces(Charges: Free)

Number of large vehicles: 1 space(Charges: Free)

Time held/open

Day trip use: 11:00 - 16:00 (entrance is until 15:00)

Regular holidays/closings

Irregular holidays * No day trip use on New Years (12/31 - 1/1), closed (12/16 - 12/19)


Adults: Day use bathing fee : 700yen

Children: Day use bathing fee : 400yen * 4 years old - elementary school aged

Other: Face towels for sale: 100yen, bath towel rental: 100yen


Train : From JR Kyoto station to JR Kameoka station is aproximately 20-28 minutes, Kyoto-Keburikawa is then another 20 minutes by taxi or bus.

Bus : From the JR Kameoka station, take the 40 bus heading towards Sonobe station nishiguchi (west exit) and get off at the Takashiba stop, walk about 350m.

Car : From within Kyoto city, take the R9 then Kyoto Jukan Expressway and exit at the Kameoka interchange exit, head straight onto R372. Pass through the Yunohana Onsen area heading towards Sasayama, then Kyoto-Keburikawa is 200m on the left.

* There is a free shuttle bus from Kameoka station

Access to Kyoto by the Sea

Access to Kyoto in the Forests

Access to Kyoto Infused with Tea

Access to Kyoto Otokuni Bamboo Grove

Equipment and service in facilities

Toilet facilities available|Free Wi-Fi|Spa|Eating & Drinking|Food Allergy Accommodations|Bicycle Rental|Pick-up/Drop-off|Cable LAN|Massage|Public bath|Reserved bath|Onsen (hot spring)|Rotenburo (open-air bath)|Day trip bathing


Not available

Foreign languages spoken

Foreign language guides/interpretation/audio guides: English

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Satoyama no kyujitsu Kyoto-Keburikawa


里山の休日 京都・烟河(In Japanese only)

Website for reservations

里山の休日 京都・烟河 宿泊予約


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