Woodland Kyoto


  • Traditional inns (ryokan)
  • Onsen/Public bath
  • Shuttle

Keburikawa is located deep within the Yunohana Onsen region, which is often referred to as "Kyo no Okuzashiki," meaning a getaway location close to the city of Kyoto. Legend has it that long ago in the Sengoku period (the "period of warring states," from 1467-1615), samurai warriors would come to these hot springs to heal their wounds.
Today, you can visit Kyoto-Keburikawa for day trips, and experience the traditional tatami flooring, natural hot springs, and open-air baths. For dining options, there are two restaurants: Ishigama Dining Hanari, where you can enjoy an ishigama course of stone oven cooking, or Satoyama Dining Daichi, with its formal kaiseki course meal that uses vegatables harvested fresh from the inn's own garden, and also offers a generous buffet lunch option. Inside the grounds of Kyoto-Keburikawa there is also a woodland garden with a foot bath, where you can relish the feeling of a slow-paced lifestyle. Kyoto-Keburikawa is also the perfect location to enjoy the nearby Sagano Romantic train and Hozugawa boat ride.

1-1 Dorogafuchi, Hiramatsu, Honme-cho, Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture
Train: From JR Kyoto Station, approx. 20-28 minutes to JR Kameoka Station, then another 20 minutes by taxi or bus to Keburikawa.

Bus: From JR Kameoka Station, take Bus 40 heading towards Sonobe Station Nishiguchi (West Exit) and get off at the "Takashiba" bus stop, and walk about 350m.

Car: From Kyoto City, take the R9, then Kyoto Jukan Expressway and exit at the Kameoka Interchange exit, and head straight onto R372. Pass through the Yunohana Onsen area heading towards Sasayama, then in 200m Keburikawa will be on the left.

*There is a free shuttle bus from Kameoka Station
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3:00 p.m. / 10:00 a.m.
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