Driftwood Swing "Yurari"

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Yuhigaura Beach in Kyotango City is named after its stunning sunsets. Since 2017, a handmade wooden swing called "Yurari" has been installed every year. The romantic mood of the swing standing on the white sand beach combined with the blue sea and the setting sun makes it a popular photogenic spot. When the sun sets on the coastline, the sky into all shades of reds and yellows and it is like something straight out of a movie. Relaxing on the swing while looking at the beautiful scenery is a great way to pass the time. Before, the "Yurari" was removed in winter, but starting in 2020 it will be installed all year round and you can enjoy the "Yurari" with the scenery of every season.

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Postal code:629-3245
Hamazume, Amino-cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto


Number of regular vehicles: 300 car spaces(Charges: 2000 yen / per day, 4000 yen / overnight (2 days))

・ Motorcycle fee: 1000 yen / per day, 2000 yen / overnight (2 days)
・ Parking fee is required only when the beach is opened
・ Available all year round


Train : 8 minutes by Tango Kairiku Kotsu Bus (bound for Kumihama Onsen Yumotokan) from 'Yuhigaura Kitsu Onsen' Station on the Kyoto Tango Railway Miyatoyo Line. Get off at 'Hamazume' and walk for 3 minutes.

Car : From the Sanin Kinki Expressway 'Kyotango Omiya' IC, exit on to Prefectural Road 651 → National Route 312 → Prefectural Road 17 → National Road 178

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*For enquiries please contact the Kyotango City Tourism Association via the website https://visitkyotango.com/contact-us/