Marugoto Ine Experience (Mondori Experience)

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Spend a relaxing time in the otherworldliness that funaya boat houses conjure and experience what it’s like to live in one. A funaya guide will show you around the streets of Ine Town. The secret to the popularity of this guided tour is the chance to experience mondori. If you peer into the sea lapping against the house eaves, you’ll see turban shell and abalone. Pull on the rope that stretches to the sea bottom and you’ll pull up a large basket filled with fish flapping around. Mondori is where local residents use fish offal as bait to catch their dinner with it. Local sake goes great with Ine fish. Mukai Shuzo was founded 260 years ago and stands amongst these funaya. Taste some sake as look for a brand that’s right for you. Get an original sake cup for Kyo no Haru, a representative brand, as a free souvenir! A popular standard guided tour jam-packed with Ine’s funaya boat houses!

Basic information


Postal code:626-0423
494 Azahirata, Ine-cho, Yosa-gun,(Meeting area for the experience program)


Number of regular vehicles: 20 parking spaces(Charges: Free)

Number of large vehicles: 1 parking space(Charges: Free)

As of December 29, 2016, parking is free. However, parking fees will be charged by the end of FY 2016.


Train : Kyoto Tango Railway / Amanohashidate Station / Bus Lines (Going to Ine) Approx. 1hr / Approx. 60 min

Bus : From Kyoto Tango Railway Amanohashidate Station, get on the Bus Lines (going to Ine) / Ine / Walk / 1 min

Car : Kyoto-Jukan Expressway Yosa-Amanohashidate IC -> National Route 176 -> National Route 178 / Approx. 40 min

Access to Kyoto by the Sea

Access to Kyoto in the Forests

Access to Kyoto Infused with Tea

Access to Kyoto Otokuni Bamboo Grove

Equipment and service in facilities

Toilet facilities available|Free Wi-Fi

Foreign languages spoken

Foreign language guides/interpretation/audio guides: English|Simplified Chinese

Mandarin Chinese

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Marugoto Ine Experience (Mondori Experience)


Ine Tourism Association


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