Kyoto by the Sea Woodland Kyoto

Escorted Cycling Tour Kyoto to the Sea

The city of Kyoto has inherited its elegant and ancient traditions. After tasting the land that every traveler in Japan yearns for, the next thing to look at is the beautiful life that remains in Japan, especially in the countryside of Kyoto. As you leave the bustle of Kyoto and travel up valleys, over mountain passes, and down mountain streams, you will see scenery that reflects the lives of people who have lived in nature and with nature. The harmony of the houses, fields, and satoyama will give you a sense of the love and pride that people have nurtured for the region. The Sea of Japan is the goal. From the mountains to the sea, the road to the sea leads you to think about how people have made the most of the environment in their respective places.


Tour Price
Starting at 400,000 JPY
Activity Type
4 nights 5 days
Difficulty Level