Kyoto by the Sea Woodland Kyoto

Escorted Cycling Tour Road to Kyoto

After enjoying cycling along the Japn seaside, we were finally ready to head into the mountains. Our destination is central Kyoto. Which is the ancient capital of Japan with its elegant traditional culture.
cycling south to central Kyoto, seeing the life of the countryside in northern Kyoto in where people living with the sea, mountains, and nature. The landscape you'll see such as shape of houses, towns is in the same Kyoto Prefecture, but there is a big difference. That big gap of culture which have been nurtured by each environment is the real charm of Kyoto. 
The moment you enter the city of Kyoto, you may feel nostalgic, as if you have come back to your hometown.


Tour Price
Starting at 400,000 JPY
Activity Type
4 nights 5 days
Difficulty Level