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Nagaokakyo Garasha Festival

Nagaokakyo City is a historical area that has twice been the location of the capital and was often embroiled in the wars of the Middle Ages. In 1587, Garasha, the daughter of feudal lord Akechi Mitsuhide, married into the Hosokawa clan here at Shoryuji Castle. The Nagaokakyo Garasha Festival was first held in 1992 to celebrate the completion of reconstruction of the castle. The main event is a lively reenactment of Grasha’s wedding procession involving some 1000 people walking a route of about 3km in period costume.

Nagaokakyo City (the main venues are Shoryuji Castle Park and the Central Community Center)
Within walking distance from JR Nagaokakyo Station and Hankyu Nagaoka-tenjin Station.
Date & Time
Starts at 12:45 pm on the second Sunday of November