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Chirimen (Crêpe)

Chirimen (crepe) is a taffeta woven silk fabric that features detailed crimping patterns on the surface of the cloth. These crimps make the cloth hard to wrinkle for a fabric that's soft to the touch with a rich, vibrant hue. Of all crepe, Tango chirimen silk crepe is particularly renowned for being a high quality silk fabric. It's enjoying popularity in recent years for use not only in high quality kimono and wrapping cloth, but in handbags, purses, pouches, and other Japanese style accessories.

Nishijin Textiles

Nishijin textiles are high quality silk fabrics fostered in Kyoto. They are thread dyed figured fabrics that come in many styles but made in small lots. Nishijin textiles have been designated as a Japanese traditional craft. There are numerous processes involved in weaving this fabric, and each process is carried out by a seasoned craftsperson. You'll find Nishijin textiles used in making gorgeous bridal robes and kimono, neckties, interior decorations, drapes, shawls, handbags, and a wide variety of other goods.

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