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d:matcha Kyoto CAFE & KITCHEN is a café where you can enjoy food, sweets, and drinks made using tea from the town of Wazuka. Though the ingredients are not limited only to tea, they are as locally-sourced as possible. The unique menu can only be found here, and includes savory food items made with tea, too. In the store, there are sweets made from tea leaves for sale. From the back of the store, you can overlook the beautiful tea fields of Mt. Kamazuka, a view that's perfect for a break from driving or cycling.

In addition to food, there is also a tea field hiking and tea harvesting tour that goes around the spectacular tea plantations.

Gonose 142, Yubune Wazuka-cho, Souraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
Train/Taxi: Approx. 35 minutes by taxi from JR Ishiyama Station or Keihan Ishiyama Station

Car: Get off at the Yamadagawa IC on the Keinawa Expressway, and take National Route 163 and Prefectural Road 5 via Kamo. From Kami-Koma 4-chome via National Route 24, take National Route 163 and then Prefectural Road 5 via Kamo
Business Hours
Closed: Wednesday and Thursday (December - February)