Kyoto Otokuni Bamboo Grove

Uosu Kyoto Cuisine

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At the Kyoto cuisine restaurant Uosu, the second-generation owner has created a dish called “Takenoko Sugata Sushi” (stuffed bamboo shoot sushi), which allows guests to enjoy bamboo shoots all-year-round. This type of sushi is very refreshing and aromatic – you can feel the tender texture of the bamboo shoots and the fragrance of yuzu citrus!

A very filling, delicious dish, bamboo shoot sushi can also be enjoyed by those who can’t eat fish. This healthy sushi is made by stuffing bamboo shoots with sushi rice, resulting in a dish that tastes great and looks very appealing.

While at Uosu, make sure to try their soy milk ice cream with bamboo shoots, too! This delicious soy milk ice cream will be unlike anything you’ve tasted before. It contains flavorful pieces of bamboo shoots and is topped with a thin layer of bamboo leaf powder. The ice cream is not too sweet, has an extremely pleasant flavor and a texture that is quite unique.

2-17-8 Imazato,Nagaokakyo-city
10 minutes by taxi from Nagaokakyo Station on JR Kyoto Line 5 minutes by taxi from Nagaoka-Tenjin Station on Hankyu Kyoto Main Line
Business Hours
11:00 am – 8:00 pm (last order)
Monday *If Monday is a holiday, closed the following day instead