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Kamuin Cafe

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Our cafe is in an old Japanese-style house on an ancient travel route and we serve Japanese sweets to our visitors.
One of the most popular Japanese sweets at our cafe is ""Ohagi,"" made with glutinous rice, white rice, and sweet bean paste. Ohagi are usually palm-sized, but we also offer a colorful set of bite-sized ohagi in 5 different flavors, including matcha and ""kinako,"" roasted soybean flour.
Our crab motif is taken from the nearby Kanimanji temple, which is dedicated to crabs. We offer a variety of special seasonal menus at Kamuin Cafe, such as shaved ice in the summer, warm zenzai in the winter, and hamburgers made with bamboo shoots, a local specialty, in the spring.

38-1 Kitayamaguchi, Yamashiro-cho, Kizugawa-shi, Kyoto
15 min. walk from Tanakura Station on the JR Nara Line
Business Hours
10:30 - 17:00 / Open Saturdays and Sundays
Parking available (surrounding roads are very narrow)