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Shoryuji Castle Park

Shoryuji Castle in Nagaokakyo City is a castle with an intriguing history. It was rebuilt in 1571 by Fujitaka Hosokawa, who was ordered by Oda Nobunaga to build the most advanced castle at that time. It became the cornerstone of Kyoto’s defense and is an excellent example of Oda Nobunaga's style of castle building.
Furthermore, Akechi Mitsuhide's daughter, Garasha, married Tadaoki Hosokawa and spent two years in Shoryuji Castle. Mitsuhide himself, after losing to Hideyoshi Hashiba in the Battle of Yamazaki, returned to Shoryuji Castle to spend his last night.
Shoryuji Castle is currently maintained as a park and has been selected as one of the "100 Best Historical Parks in Japan". Every year on the second Sunday of November, the Nagaokakyo Garasha Festival is held which includes a historical prossession parade through the city.
The commemorative "Gojo-in" stamp from the castle is also very popular.

13-1 Shoryuji, Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto
Train: Get off at "Nagaokakyo" station on the JR Kyoto line and walk 10 minutes south from the east exit.
Bus: 5 minutes by Hankyu Bus from "Nagaoka Tenjin" station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line, get off at "JR Nagaokakyo" and then walk 10 minutes south.
Car: Approximately 5 minutes from the Meishin Expressway or Keiji Bypass Oyamazaki IC via Prefectural Road 211 *Use nearby coin parking as there is no parking lot
Business Hours
9:00 am-6:00 pm (November-March: open until 5:00 pm)
Regular holidays : New Years Holiday (12/28 - 1/4)
Not available
* Please use nearby paid parking lots