Kyoto Otokuni Bamboo Grove

Mt Tenno Hatatatematsu Observatory and Yamazaki Castle Ruins

Hatatatematsu Observatory and Yamazaki Castle Ruins are located on Mt Tenno in Oyamazaki City in "Kyoto Otokuni Bamboo Grove" area of Kyoto Prefecture. The mountain has well maintained trails that even the elderly and children can enjoy and the area has been named as one of the “200 Best Nature Spots in Kyoto.” In 1582, Mitsuhide Akechi and Hideyoshi Toyotomi fought a battle for control of Mt. Tenno at the battle of Yamazaki. During the battle, it is said that Hideyoshi raised his flag from the top of an old pine tree; raising the morale of his army and turned the tide of the battle. At the 8th station along the Tennozan hiking course, a pine tree stands in this location along with an observatory that allows you to look out over valley where three rivers; the Katsura, the Uji, and the Kizu merge.

After winning the battle, Hideyaoshi build Yamazaki Castle at the top of Mt. Tenno which allowed him to cement his control over the region and eventually helped him unify Japan. It is said that Hideyoshi held a tea ceremony with Sen no Rikyu who is considered the founder of Japanese tea ceremony as we know it today. The castle site still contains many parts of the castle such as; the castle tower, earthworks, moat, well, and stone walls.

Oyamazaki Hainokuchi, Oyamazaki-cho, Otokuni-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
Get off at "Yamazaki" station on the JR Kyoto line or "Oyamazaki" station on the Hankyu Kyoto line and walk along the Tennozan hiking course via Hoshakuji to reach the Hatatatematsu observatory in about 35 minutes and to the summit in about 60 minutes.
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