Woodland Kyoto

Mt. Kimino-o

Mt. Kimino-o is a mountain with an elevation of 582 meters, located in the Kanbayashi area northeast of Ayabe. If you climb Mt. Kimino-o in autumn or winter, you can see the mountains of the Tamba area shrouded in mist, their peaks resembling islands in a sea of clouds.
Halfway up the mountain, you'll also find plenty of natural sights and culture with sites like Komyo-ji Temple, famous for its Nio-mon Gate.

*The "sea of clouds" (or "unkai") can be seen from autumn to winter.

0773-42-9550(Ayabe City Tourism Association)
Koyaoka-cho, Ayabe City, Kyoto Prefecture
By bus: From JR Ayabe Station, take Aya Bus onthe Kanbayashi or Omi-Ichinose Line, get off at "Kimino-o-san-guchi" bus stop, and walk for approx. 60 min.
By car (to Komyo-ji Temple Nio-mon Gate Parking Area midway up the mountain): Turn right at the "Yamaga" intersection on National Route 27, and continue north. Turn left before the Aya Bus "Yugeguchi" bus stop, and proceed along the Mt. Kimino-o climbing route.
Available (Komyo-ji Temple Nio-mon Gate Parking Lot)