Kyoto by the Sea

Onaru Burial Mounds

The Onaru Burial Mounds were bulit in the later part of the Kofun period (late 6th century to early 7th century) and many burial items have been unearthed from their stone chambers. The stone chambers of the Onaru Burial Mounds were constructed from volcanic rock of the type that you can see to your left, which is found abundantly in this area. Ancient people took advantage of this rock's columnar jointing when constructing the tombs.

The top of Tateiwa - where the Onaru Burial Mounds are - and many flat areas farther east that are 10 meters or more above sea level were all once submerged under the sea, but were at some point uplifted. Many burial mounds have been found in these uplifted areas, called coastal terraces, and in them one can obsreve aspects of the daily lives of people since ancient times.

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