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Koishidani Shrine

Located on the banks of the Kizu River, Koishidani Shrine enshrines the favorite mistress of Emperor Go-Daigo. Since long ago, visitors have come to pray to this guardian deity for women, seeking blessings for conception, safe childbirth, and recovery from diseases that affect women. Today, during the shrine's annual festivals in April and September, people come from afar to visit the shrine.
Koshidani Shrine is also known as a power spot for young women looking for success in romance or finding a partner, and recently, even men have begun to visit it. There is a heart-shaped rock within the shrine grounds, and it is said that if you can find it, you wish will come true.

(Industry and Tourism Division, Minamiyamashiro Village Office)
92 Yuyanawate MinamiokawaraMinamiyamashiro, Soraku District, Kyoto Prefecture 619-1412
10 minute walk from Ogawara Station on the JR Kansai Main Line. Cross the Koiji Bridge and walk for 10 minutes.
Business Hours
Free entry
Space for 2 cars inthe Minamiokawara Hall next to the shrine. (Free parking)