Kyoto by the Sea

Motoise Kono Shrine

Located to the northern side of Amanohashidate, one of Japan's "Three Famous Scenic Views," the ancient Motoise Kono Shrine is so called (literally, "former Ise") because before the deities were moved to Ise-jingu Shrine in Mie Prefecture, the sun goddess Amaterasu and the goddess Toyo-uke Daijin were enshrined here. In front of the main hall, you'll see shining, five-colored "suedama" (a kind of traditional Buddhist orb, representing a sacred jewel), an object only allowed to be placed in Ise-jingu Shrine and here in Kono Shrine.

430 Ogaki, Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture
5 minute walk from the north side of Amanohashidate
Business Hours
7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
700 yen/day
Space for 150 cars