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Yakuno-ki-to-urushi-no-yakata (Yakuno Woodware and Lacquerware)

The Yakuno area of ​​Fukuchiyama City produces ​​"Tamba Urushi", a high-quality lacquer product of Kyoto Prefecture. We opened our shop to convey the charm of Yakuno's traditional culture and lacquer. We sell and display of a wide variety of works and products, including lacquered wooden soup bowls, chopsticks, and other everyday items. We also introduce the process of extracting lacquer from trees. We also have a workshop where you can experience lacquer painting (reservations required).

0773-38-9226(Japanese only)
2199 Yakunochō Hirano, Fukuchiyama, Kyoto
10 min. walk from Kamiyakuno Station, JR Sanin Main Line
Business Hours
Business hours: 10:00 - 17:00
Closed: Every Wednesday (or the following day if Wednesday is a public holiday)
(Lacquer painting workshop closed on Thursdays)
Activity plans available

Gallery admission fee:
High school students and adults: ¥330
Junior high school students and younger: free

Free entry to the shop
Lacquer painting workshop: ¥830 + materials fee (Junior high school students and younger: ¥250 + materials fee)