Kyoto Tea Country

Keihanna Commemorative Park

Keihanna Commemorative Park is 24.1 hectares in size, and commemorates the establishment of Keihanna Science City (Kansai Culture and Science Research City) in 1995. The park includes both freely accessible and paid areas. The free areas include the 'Hiroba' a wide open plaza, which has cascading grounds shaped like rice-paddy terraces with large lawns for playing freely, and a childrens' playground. Also free of charge is the 'Tani-ai' valley, made to look like a typical Japanese landscape with a small stream, bamboo grove, and plum garden. The paid area includes the Suikei-en, a Japanese-style garden with a path that brings you around scenery including a magnificent rock cluster, cascading water ponds, colourful seasonal flora and an area to feed carp, making it enjoyable for children and adults alike. Visitors can also enjoy a panoramic view of the garden from Kangetsukyo Bridge, which is 123m long and 4m wide, and 10m above the water. Particularly spectacular is the view of autumn foliage from the Japanese maple tree valley. There, amongst the moss, approximately 80 trees line a small, delicate stream. Inside Suikei-en Garden you can also find Mebuki Forest and Nagatani Pond, which are likewise styled like traditional Japanese landscapes, perfect for a stroll to enjoy nature in all four seasons. Additionally, the park hosts a range of events, from firefly-viewing to star-gazing.

6-1 Seikadai, Seika-cho, Soraku District, Kyoto Prefecture
-From the Hosono Station on the JR Line or Shin-Hosono Station on the Kintetsu Line, take Nara Kotsu Bus #56 heading towards Gakken Nara Tomigaoka for approximately 9 minutes.
-From Gakken Nara Tomigaoka Station on the Kintetsu Line, take Nara Kotsu Bus #56 towards Hosono for approximately 18 minutes.
*For Suikei-en Garden, get off at "Koen Higashi Dori" bus stop. For the Hiroba (plaza), get off at "Keihanna Kinen Koen" bus stop.

-From the Keinawa Expressway, take the Seika Gakken Interchange exit, then take the Seika Main Road west for approximately 1km.
-From National Route 163, at the Inuidani-nishi Intersection travel north for approximately 2km, then take the Seika Main Road heading east for 300m.
-From Yawata Kizu Prefectural Road, reach the Seika Main Road intersection and travel west for approximately 2.2km.
Business Hours
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Last entrance 4:30 p.m.)
*Hours change for events, please inquire for details.
Closed: New Year period (December 28th - January 4th)
*Temporary park closures also occur outside of the above times, please inquire for details.
Space for regular-sized vehicles: 200 (Price: 400 yen)

Space for large vehicles: 10 (Price: 1500 yen)

*The parking lot is open from 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (hours extended for events)