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Kosho-ji Temple

This temple of the Soto Zen school of Buddhism was a training hall opened in Fukakusa (Fushimi) by the Buddhist monk Dogen in the Kamakura Period (1192-1333). It was later reconstructed in 1648 by Lord Nagai Naomasa of Yodo Castle, using the remains of Fushimi Castle. Highlights amongst the seven structures in the temple grouds include the Kotozaka, the approach to the temple that forms a tunnel of fall foliage in autumn; the temple gate made in the Ryugu-zukuri architectural style; “nightingale” hallway floors that squeak to alert those within of intruders; the Tenarai Kannon bodhisattva as mentioned in the classic "The Tale of Genji"; and chitenjo ceilings.

27-1 Uji-yamada, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture
Train : Keihan Uji Line / Uji Station / Walk / 10 min
Car : Keiji By-pass Uji-nishi IC / 10 min
Business Hours
5:00–17:00 Closing (Last admission 16:30)
Holiday: January 1 to 3 May be closed due to a Buddhist memorial service
Other: Touring of the Temple Garden is free.
Going inside the temple requires 500-yen contribution per person.
Number of regular vehicles: 30 parking spaces(Charges: 500-yen)

Large vehicles coming from Ujibashi-higashizume Crossing cannot enter so please park large buses around Byodoin Temple’s or Genji Museum’s parking areas.