Woodland Kyoto

Rurikei Valley

Rurikei Valley, a nationally designated place of scenic and historical beauty, is a long ravine (500 meters tall and approximately 4 km long) with a spring deep in the mountains. Heading upstream towards Lake Tsuten-ko, you'll find the "12 Scenic Spots of Rurikei," including "Meibaku" (lit. "crying waterfall"), "Soryuen" (lit. "dragon pair chasm") and "Gyokusoban" (lit. "basin of running jewels")—waterfalls and cliffs with names designed to reflect their nature. So enchanting is the beautiful highland scenery to visitors as it changes throughout the seasons that Rurikei Valley has even been called "the Karuizawa of Kansai" (Karuizawa is a mountain resort in Nagano Prefecture).

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From Sonobe Station on the JR Sagano Line, take Keihan Kyoto Kotsu Bus (Hatta Line) to "Hatta" bus stop, transfer to Gururin Bus at "Minami Hatta" bus stop and get off at "Rurikei" bus stop
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