Woodland Kyoto

Fusai-ji Temple

Surrounded by its Main Hall, temple kitchen, and temple gate, the grounds at Fusai-ji are quiet and tree-shaded, giving this temple a strong Zen feeling. Legend has it that the general Ashikaga Takauji hid his younger sister, Princess Chikusa, in the temple hall here during wartime, and once he had seized control of all the land, the monk Muko Soseki founded the temple in 1346, Princess Chikusa became his apprentice nun, and Fusai-ji Temple was founded.

76 Wakamori Shokidani, Sonoben-cho, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture
From Sonobe Station on the JR Sagano Line, take Keihan Kyoto Kotsu Bus to "Nogeikokomae" bus stop (30 minute ride) and walk for 5 minutes.
Available, free