Woodland Kyoto

Wachi Wildflower Forest

This park makes use of the natural environment as-is across its area of 12 hectares. There are 900 differents types of plants, trees, and fruit trees growing in Wachi Wildflower Forest, making for some dramatic changes in appearance throughout the four seasons, and for many flowers to enjoy.
Wachi Wildflower Forest also offers a variety of experiential options, including 15 wildflower exhibitions a year, woodworking crafts, moss ball-making, flower-planting, and more. It's a wonderful place to take in the changing seasonal scenery of the wild plants and flowers.

5 Shiyogaki, Sakabara, Kyotamba-cho, Funai District, Kyoto Prefecture
Train: 25 minute walk from Wachi Station on the JR Sanin Line

Car: About 10 minutes from the Kyoto Jukan Expressway Kyotanba Wachi IC on Route 27
About 20 minutes from Maizuru Wakasa Road Ayabe IC on Route 27
Business Hours
Tuesdays (closed the following day when Tuesday is a holiday), park closed during New Years holidays (12/29 - 1/4), open throughout Golden Week holidays
Available, free