Kyoto by the Sea

Omoto Headquarters (Ayabe/Baishoen)

Oomoto Baisho-en is located along the banks of the Yura River that runs through Ayabe City in the Woodland Kyoto. It is the home of the religious organization “Omoto Baisho-en” and was opened in 1892. The institute was founded by an ordinary couple and is dedicated to bringing the religions of the world together in peace. The Organization plays hosts to spring and autumn festivals as well as a grand Setsubun festival.

The grounds contain many great halls including; “Choseiden” hall the largest wooden structure built in the 20th Century, “Mirokuden” hall which is a registered tangible cultural property, and “Konohanaan,” a traditional home that is designated as a national important cultural property and is believed to be the oldest building in the Tamba region. If you get the chance to go inside these beautiful halls, you will see space dedicated the practice of many different arts such as aikido, traditional noh theater, and tea ceremony, as they believe art is an essential part of spirituality.

The garden surrounding the temples is called “Kinryukai” and filled with maple trees that turn the entire garden a shade of red in the fall making Omoto Baisho-en one of the most famous spots for sightseeing in Ayabe. The garden is designed to be a microcosm of the world with ponds and islands layed out to imitate the main five continents. In addition, there is a single large cherry tree called "Konohana Sakura" next to the "Choseiden" hall which blooms around mid April every year.

Hongu-cho, Ayabe City, Kyoto Prefecture
Train: From Ayabe Station on the JR Sanin line, 10 min by bicycle or 19 min walk. (1 hour from Kyoto station by express train)
Bus: From Ayabe Station on the JR Sanin line, take the Aya Bus (Shiga Nanboku line) and get off at "Oomoto honbu-mae".
Car: About 9 minutes by car (3.9km) from the Kyoto Jukan Expressway "Ayabe IC"
Business Hours
9:30 am to 4:30 pm
None, Parking is unavailable during certain festivals so please make a reservation in advance.
Number of regular vehicles: 30 spaces available
Number of large vehicles: 2 spaces available for larger vehicles *Large buses require an Ayabe City police permit.