Kyoto by the Sea

Tateiwa (Standing) Rock

Tateiwa (pronounced Tateh-Ihwa) Rock is a part of Japan's San'in Coast Geopark. It is located on Nochigahama Beach in Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture. Standing at 20 meters tall, it is one of Japan's largest monoliths and is made from a type of volcanic rock called andesite.
According to legend, when Prince Maroko (the half-brother of the legendary Prince Shotoku) killed an oni (a demon in Japanese folklore) on this spot, the oni became trapped in the enormous rock overnight. It's said that even now, on nights when the winds are strong and waves are high, you can still hear the cries of the oni trapped within.
Tateiwa got its name from the way it stands tall (tate = stand/vertical, iwa = rock), and creates beautiful scenery with the way it stands out of the Sea of Japan.

Tango-cho Taiza, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture
Bus: From Mineyama Station on the Kyoto Tango Railway's Miyatoyo Line, take the Tango Mineyama Line bus (bound for Taiza) for 30 mins, get off at the stop in front of the Tango Government building (called "Tango-chosha-mae"), and walk for 5 minutes

Car: From Sanin Kinki Expressway Nodagawa Omiya Road, get off at Kyotango Omiya Interchange, head straight and turn right onto National Highway 312, turn right onto National Highway 482, continue on to Taiza, and follow the signs for Tateiwa.
Space for regular-sized vehicles: 100 (Price: 2,000 yen *Only during summer)

Space for large vehicles: - (Price: 2,000 yen *Only during summer)

*Large buses, please park at the nearby Tenki Tenki Tango Roadside Station