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Maizuru Red Brick Park

The red brick warehouses of Maizuru Red Brick Park in Kitasui District, Maizuru City, when used as storehouses for the pre-war Maizuru Naval District, and were built one after another between 1900 and 1921. In order to make use of these red brick buildings, the city of Maizuru opened them as tourist attractions in 2012 as "Maizuru Red Brick Park."
The seven red brick warehouses here have been rennovated, and are designated as Important Cultural Properties. Buildings 2 and 3 contain a café and exhibition space, and buildings 4 and 5 are used for live events, art festivals, and more.

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1039-2 Kitasui, Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture
Train: From Higashi Maizuru Station on the JR Maizuru Line, take Kyoto Kotsu Bus for about 5 minutes to "Shiyakusho-mae" bus stop (the City Office bus stop). Maizuru Brick Park is to the left of the City Office. Alternatively, walk about 20 minutes from Higashi Maizuru Station on the JR Maizuru Line.
Business Hours
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Closes at 10:00 p.m. when the building is being rented out)
Closed: 12/29 - 1/1 (The museum may be closed due to facility maintenance or construction.)
There is a private parking lot 150 m west of Maizuru Red Brick Park. Please use the anchor of the escort ship "Shirane" as a landmark with which to find it.